The mind-body connection can be strengthened through prompt-based writing.

This interactive workshop will cover:

1/ The documented benefits of writing for wellness and resilience
2/ Describing your best possible life by writing it forward
3/ Simple exercises to relax
4/ Emotional upheavals that keep you from being your best self
5/ Making time to focus: breathe, expel ‘stuck’ thoughts or feelings

Aims: This will be in a group setting where you will be in a safe environment with like-minded people.
Encouraging a space within a space for yourself.
Enjoy the company of others simply by being creative.

End: Cool down with stretching and breathing.

The facilitator: AJ has written for DIVA, Curve, LOTL, The Scotsman, The Guardian and various other publications. She is also a passionate mental health advocate and speaks at events throughout the UK including the Stonewall Workplace Conferences.

Please contact for venues and dates.