Support that’s founded in real-life experience

Take charge of the life you’ve always wanted.

You’ve read all the books, seen the TV programmes, and bought piles of magazines on the subject, but somehow you’re looking for some real-life ideas from someone who’s been there and done that.

That’s where I come in. My holistic life coaching is based on lived experience  – I teach from a place of personal understanding.

A mental health breakdown followed by a lengthy hospital stay changed my outlook on life forever. Navigating through the challenges of illness, long term treatment and into a meaningful life beyond, my personal journey led me to a deeper understanding of what it was to stand in the face of uncertainty, pain and fear and move to a message of hope, inspiration, and healing.
In the years following my original diagnosis I interned at addiction treatment centres and voluntary organisations.

I noticed that many people give up at the very moment when it is most important to keep going, when one more mindful push could carry them through challenge and into a new place of strength. I realised that in order to succeed, one must first come face to face with feelings of frustration and failure.

I have found my purpose; to help others break through the barriers, to overcome whatever holds them back and to provide the tools that will enable them to achieve everything they desire.


As a creative ‘Write Mind’ workshop facilitator, AJ explores the potential of expressive writing and relaxation exercises to promote your own and other’s health and wellbeing.

Past workshops include: Edinburgh Fringe, Recovery Project, Serenity Cafe, Edinburgh.
Uncovered Voices, Glad Cafe, Glasgow.
Writer-In-Residence, LGBT History Month, Hamilton Library, Hamilton.
Let Your Words Fly, Loch Fyne.
Poetry Picnic, Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow. (Part of UK wide Fun Palaces)
Labels Are For Luggage, Community Club, Cowes, IOW.

AJ has given talks at various conferences and workplaces. These have included appearing twice at Stonewall Scotland Workplace Conference in Edinburgh and Behind The Mask Foundation Conference in Manchester.
Recently she was a guest on BBC Radio Scotland’s Out For The Weekend program discussing the benefit of outdoor therapy and mental health.

Professional Certificate in Life Coaching
Diploma in Holistic Therapies
Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists
CPD Standards Office Accredited Coach
Diploma CBT and Counselling